Friday, April 24, 2009

Why Take Chances? Get Insurance!

Why Take Chances? Get Insurance!

Risk is a part of life. The probability of one thing happening or the other is natural in any given situation: it's only when something undesirable can happen do we called it 'risky'.

Naturally, we want to avoid risky things, and in some way or the other, help ourselves get out of an unpleasant situation. Insurance is what we can do to make risk more acceptable.

Unfortunately, too many things can go wrong the minute we step out of our doors, and fortunately there are as many types of insurance! Despite the variety of it out here, they all operate on the same principle i.e. you have to pay a certain amount called a 'premium' and thus become the 'insured'. The body or individual whom you are paying the premium takes the risk upon him and is the 'insurer'. He calculates the premium on the assessment of the risk e.g. if you're often sick you will have to pay a higher health insurance.

Rather than being so simple, it gets more complicated than that. The insurance policy has lots of fine print that can get you into trouble. For example, if you forgot to put on a seat belt your respective company might not give you anything if you crash your car. So, first lesson is: always check the fine print.

There are many types but the most common are motor, home, life, travel and health insurance. Now which one a person wants to choose is completely depends on him. In case of a business, the owner would like to have fire insurance while a family of five would give health policy more priority. Illness and accidents would be covered by health and travel insurance protects from losses incurred while traveling such as theft of personal baggage and delays. A pet can also be insured for loss or death.

One may insure a house from accidental damage but you will have to pay extra for loss due to earthquakes or 'acts of God and War'. Cheap car insurances are quite common especially in the United States due to economies of scale, where you can even just insure your car with 'Weekend car Insurance! Despite its benefits, it can be expensive and can be quite high in some cases. Insurance cost depends on a number of factors. The cost can be alleviate if some precautions are taken, for example, life insurance should be purchased when one is relatively young, while car insurance should be obtained when you buy your car initially. In other words, insurance companies will always charge higher premiums if they see that the associated risk is high. When you buy your insurance when the risk is relatively less, you can get away with long term cheap premiums, or simply put, you have to outwit your insurer.

Getting insurance can result in saving one from extensive loss and help one recover from a situation which money might not be able to solve but helps a person or a family get back on their feet.

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