Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Car Quotes Do's and Don'ts

Car Quotes Do's and Don'ts

There are so many things you must consider before getting a car quote from your local dealer. How can you make sure that you are getting good deal? How can you avoid being bamboozled with all the car jargon, statistics, or other technical stuff you can't possibly understand sometimes? It may be a bit intimidating, especially for first timers who know nothing about it. If you want to be on the save side, read on this article. The information and tips you will read below might save you so much cash and trouble.

Always remember, although most car salespersons are probably honest hardworking people, you have to keep in mind that Sales Managers, Car Sales People, and Finance Managers all get their income through commissions. This means that whatever they sell you; they probably get fifteen percent of that. They think about the weight of their pay check even as you enter the room. They see you as potential money. So of course they'd prefer to jack up the car quote to however higher they could possibly do so. These people have been fully trained in the complex procedures calculated to make potential buyers' emotions directed towards buying a car pronto, without enough time to think things through. Do not give in to this. There is no rush in buying a car. Take a few weeks, in fact, take months if you have to, before finally buying your car. Remember that car quotes can change as easily as the wind. The underlying principle to these is that a profit is added to the prize. The size of these profits is huge. They anticipate your haggling with their prizes, therefore, by all means, haggle their prizes to bring it down to a more sensible range.

Look for free car quotes online. This is a good way to do some research and actually get a feel for the market and the prices. Free car quotes abound everywhere. But the ones online are perhaps some of the easiest ones to get. In any case, a free car quote will make you feel less obligated in buying that car right away. But just remember that the price you will see here can most probably be significantly lowered.

Do not sign anything binding. Do not let anyone convince you that the car you are looking to buy will not be available tomorrow. They will tell you that their discounts and offers will fade within a couple of days and that you should reserve it for yourself now. Do not give in to this temptation for this will make you feel obligated to buy the car you paid a down payment for. Think about it more. Hold on to those car quotes and put them under your pillow.

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